moses jones page eighteen

much like my six year old who likes to draw himself slaughtering his enemies with chainsaw hands, i like to work out my angst through my art.

moses jones page thirteen

i’m pretty sure i did not do it intentionally, but susan became an old housemate of mine whom i really did not like (the same inspiration for twinkle the fairy in weener coop.)

moses jones page nine

kicking zombie ass for my kids….

you will be happy to know that i have worked on & gotten a bit better at head to body proportions. i have been working on my figure drawing. i’m not sure why my heads get so out of control big… but…yikes…this one is kind of embarrassing for that.

moses jones page eight

moses jones musings on motherhood.

you know…i didn’t mean to make such a humorless main character…usually i make my lead quirky & dark…& funny. but mojo leapt from my head fully formed & seemingly without a sense of humor.
so fucking serious, moj…what gives?

moses jones page six

my tarot reading last night indicated that i am ready for a new relationship…but am still heavily influenced by what happened in my relationship with dusty….
my art/comic concurs.
the dusty effect on my heart….

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