stronger than i know

i am stronger
than i know
i have done things
most people
i challenge
the world around me
i ask questions
i expect
the truth
i expect
loyalty & compassion
i am stronger
than you know
i will not
the world
around me.

this occurred to me the other day. it’s funny, i just do what i do…but then i look around and realize that i’m doing things most people choose not to do because it might be too much work or too daunting…etc.
i’m not trying to brag…i’m trying to make myself realize i am much more fantastic than i give myself credit to be.

bit of a series happening with the handy angels

the wind beneath my wings

i thought i should seek
a man who could be
my anchor
my rock
my straight man
is that what’s really
for me?
being a wonder-seeker
wanting to be amazed
by the magic
in my every
shouldn’t i ask for
a fellow seeker?
to wonder with
to be amazed by
don’t want to be
to a relationship…
i want to soar
with someone
who lifts me

thoughts on relationships. i am on a manhunt (it’s a witchy thing) for the month of november. working magic to bring a reality. clarifying what it is exactly i want.
i was telling my friend about the two relationships i had where i felt a bond as a companion rather than a battle for power with a captor (like many of my other relationships.) my friend said, “so you really want that close bond?” (she is a polygamist)
and now, for the first time in my life without any flinching, i am ready to admit–yes
i want a bonded relationship with a man
that doesn’t mean i am not a fierce kick-ass warrior…i can be independent & be in a relationship. i can have both identities and feel good about it.

true warrior

more art journaling about letting go of stories that no longer serve me.

i am only on the internet every few days or so–kinda sporadically. if you want me to post more moses jones, i totally will. however, i don’t want to post too many things at once & since i am doing a lot of art journaling to work my way through another transition, & i am mostly posting said. journal pages right now.
but i am still working on comics & illustrations.
also fiction.
re-doing my collection of short stories at the moment….

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