watch out world

i recently put it out to the universe
that i am ready to get my car back
(it has been at the auto shop for almost 3 months waiting for parts)
and–voila! the parts appeared

i put it out to the universe
that i am ready to be successful
(so i can at least pay for my car repairs!)

watch out world

the snow fall has me in hibernation mode, but i am feeling very artsy
so i made some new pieces & continue to work on my business cards

above for sale:
“good morning, sunshine” 6X6 mixed media on watercolor paper…$35
“rise & shine” 9X12 mixed media on watercolor paper…$75

up top for sale:
“watch out world” 8X8 mixed media on watercolor paper…$55

it’s in the cards

i kinda feel like i’m crawling out
of a hole
i buried myself in a few years
i kinda feel like i’m waking up
from a long

i signed up to read, have a table, & display art at viroqua’s ridges to rivers book festival. whoa. just like that. i didn’t think twice. it’s like i believe in myself? crazy.
realizing i would have a table, i was all like–i better make some business cards!
so i started inking out messages from the universe…& some contact information from me.

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