INKtober twenty-seventh

i don’t want
to feel
every time i see a forever
in love
i don’t want
to feel
wondering what is wrong with
that i am denied
that perfect
i hold on
imagining strong arms around me
feeling that warm embrace
knowing love evades me
i am doomed
to am amazing
& an empty

i do not know what is going on here. it appears my vagina is a black hole vomiting stars. okay.
i draw what comes into my head.
sometimes i have an idea.
sometimes the idea has me.
as always, you are welcome to analyze my art & let me know what my subconscious is trying to say.

in the stars

i will let you in on a secret
i don’t always like my artwork
sometimes i really don’t like
my stuff.
but this one…
this one
this one i really like.
and i grumped at iggy
because while the ink stains were still drying
in my journal
on my desk
aka the no-go-zone
iggy reached across my desk
reached across my journal
reached across my wet ink
where i could already see two faces forming
he reached across
and smudged the art.

but the faces still formed
do you believe in destiny?
it’s in the stars

i like this inking.
the baby reminds me of my koala bear baby
i swear that kid is part koala bear
he can cling like nobody’s business.

they say the last child
knows he is the baby
and tries to stay the baby as long as possible.

i miss my kids.
i don’t mind being alone,
but i miss them.
they are so much a part of me.
they don’t define me…
they just make me better.
like the nougat in chocolate.
i miss my kids like chocolate
misses the nougat.

but we will be back together soon.
it is in the stars.

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