i’m listening
to the deep inside of me
there’s a message
to me
from me
i just know it
a lesson not quite
some gentle
combing the fur of my monsters
collecting the eggs
of my demons
encouraging a cooperation
a new day of…
no, not hope
but faith
faith that i can learn
to calm the storms
while also
the wildness
of my stormy

i woke up and watched the eclipse the morning i wrote this page. it was magical.
otherwise, i have been in kind of “pause” mode for the past few days…weeks…. this is an overwhelming time of year. i think i just have to sit & listen. it’s pretty much all i can do right now.
but it is an important part of healing (& creativity)….

playing with pastels

sometimes the inks just aren’t messy enough. i have been playing with pastels and having a lot of fun. i am not sure where i’m going, but i am really liking some of the results.

the mother & child is a mix of ink & pastels. also i used ink in the skies of the horse drawings.

side projects

one month from today
my second book (tangled together) hits the stands
(my book confusion perfume still available!)
working on a commission for a friend
as i scribble her face
using my photos of her from the 90s
working on a logo
for a group i am helping
bring to life
as my journal slows
i think about what to do
to keep myself

too many fish in the sea

the minions are away so i can spread out
& take over
& work on all those projects i have been 
to do.
someone commissioned some quixotic mama under the sea cards
my biggest problem?
picking the sea creatures to paint.
so many awesome sea creatures!
she only asked for 10 cards but i was all
“better do more…just in case”
and because i had too many fish 
i wanted to paint.
i am working on painting a portrait other than my own!
i was scared about it at first…as if my brain would not be able to
a face other than mine.
turns out, i am so enjoying it.
new lines
new shadows
new demons.

and if that were not enough.
i made a list of my top priorities right now.

that is just about as organized as i get. 
so exciting!
i am hoping i can get a rhythm going that i can maintain
even after the return of the minions…
without losing sight of my 
commitment to my kids.
time to don the tiara & grab my golden lasso & get to work.

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