playing with maps

i did a map for my sister who lives in germany & sends me chocolate. i am trying to decide if it is too busy/not good enough as a thank you gift.
i added a couple of elements i hadn’t done before.
misha requested some hippocampus/seahorses, and i thought it would be fun to do a wind symbol.
i want to get better at both.
i have gotten some map books. now i need to actually sit down & look through them.
misha has an awesome book which we read almost every night–a dignity of dragons: collective names for magical beasts–that has a lot of cool things in it i would like to put on maps.
so much to do…so little time & brain space….

& here’s a map i made

it’s pretty similar to my other maps.
however, i was trying my method of doing sea creatures such as i did for my greeting cards.
i want to–eventually–make a series of maps & am going to research a bit & play around a bit.
get a bit more diverse.
hopefully it will evolve into something.

but if you need a break from devils…pirates!

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