feel like crying

i wrote this journal page a few days ago
there is no fight left in me
there probably is)
just feeling disillusioned with one half
of the population–
you know who you are
you motherfuckers–
i will always be alone
if y’all continue
to be

highlights from my patreon page:

mother help us

we call her “mother”
mother earth
mother nature
no wonder they fuck
her up
so completely
have you see the way they treat their
wives & daughters?
have you seen what happens
to the mothers
in this world?
we should start
referring to the earth
as a rich
so everyone will
protect the planet
instead of relentlessly

another attempt to relay the frustration and immense angst i feel about the world i live in. i wish i knew how to do it more eloquently. i wish i knew how to make people listen & pay attention. i can feel the urgency of the situation in my blood & thoughts…but then the trees whisper that they have a plan.
if i cannot trust man, i must have faith that the trees have a plan.

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