apples & oranges

when apple peddlers
in masks
at the farmer’s market
look at me
for confessing
i eat an apple a day
to stay healthy
…i know
the world
has gone mad.

i am a big believer in what you put in your body. i eat organic & non gmo as much as possible.
but, we live in a world, where we are fed processed foods…no one doing anything to get us clean air, clean water…but, yes, put on a fucking mask to stay healthy.
of course, i do have a head cold at the moment–but i am blaming the fucking stress for my health, not my refusal to wear a mask.
i am so fucking stressed out–by the state of they world…by the struggles of a single mom….
however, i don’t believe a mask is going to save me. good food might save me?
and, yes, i want my immune system to have access to all the stuff it needs to keep me alive–which includes germs.
i want oxygen reaching my brain & blood cells, etc. which means, yes, a mask is a bad idea.
so now i have a cold.
is that a bad thing?
i feel like i should be wearing a scarlet letter for daring to get sick in a world where everyone is being conditioned to be a germaphobe.

invasion of the body snatchers

it’s all a con
controlling the masses
an all new
us vs. them
who wants fresh air?
we want fresh air
who wants the truth?
(you can’t handle the truth)
wants the truth?
should we discover
who knows it….
(my first husband used to ask
“the van pattons?”
everytime i hit him with
a ‘they’)
they can easily tell
the compliants
from the rebels…
it’s as plain as the
(or not)
on our faces….

this was written after a long conversation with someone who sees the world with a similar lens to mine.
it’s always nice having conversations with the choir, isn’t it?
…you see, i keep thinking about the end of invasion of the body snatchers where the survivors of the covert invasion think they have found their friend (played by donald sutherland) but as soon as their friend sees them, he points & beings alerting the others of his kind….
i keep waiting for this to happen to me.
not that i am hiding…
funny story. i posted this on instagram yesterday with a (hashtag)covidbullshit… instagram then put a link to the cdc on my post with “information” about covid….durp. i am still naive enough to be surprised by that.

so, as a friend used to tell me, “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t actually watching you.”
also, conspiracy theories were coined as such to discredit anyone who questioned the accepted story.
just some thoughts that keep me going….

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