my island vacation

i took the ex & kiddos up to madeline island on lake superior
it was a bit of a stressful time
i was pissy & burnt out
which made dusty pissy & a total dickhead
& my minions were…
well, they were themselves….
it was still amazing.
so beautiful & peaceful (other than screaming minons
& bitchy exes)
i loved it.
i love lake superior.

seeing as i don’t really have a camera or a smart phone. i inked my island vacation memories.

anarchy in the u.s.a

i was totally on the beach as i did the art for this.
which explains the mermaid-ish-ness of it.
& when i say “island vacation” don’t picture palm trees…
my take on an island vacation is the ice cold waters of lake superior.
which explains why my mermaid is so blue.

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