the wind beneath my wings

i thought i should seek
a man who could be
my anchor
my rock
my straight man
is that what’s really
for me?
being a wonder-seeker
wanting to be amazed
by the magic
in my every
shouldn’t i ask for
a fellow seeker?
to wonder with
to be amazed by
don’t want to be
to a relationship…
i want to soar
with someone
who lifts me

thoughts on relationships. i am on a manhunt (it’s a witchy thing) for the month of november. working magic to bring a reality. clarifying what it is exactly i want.
i was telling my friend about the two relationships i had where i felt a bond as a companion rather than a battle for power with a captor (like many of my other relationships.) my friend said, “so you really want that close bond?” (she is a polygamist)
and now, for the first time in my life without any flinching, i am ready to admit–yes
i want a bonded relationship with a man
that doesn’t mean i am not a fierce kick-ass warrior…i can be independent & be in a relationship. i can have both identities and feel good about it.

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