now available through lulu

my raw exploration of who i am
a prolonged adventure with my demons
now available for you to own.
the invisible exhibitionist, a series of self-portraits
done in free verse
& inking

for a %15 discount on lulu through may 6th, use the code REACHOUT15

my book is also on goodreads for reviews 🙂

hot off the press!

as of today you can buy my book tangled together from a few different places!
this is a collection of short stories and flash fiction i have been writing over the past thirty-ish years.
the stories range from dark to quirky (sometimes both) and are a good reflection of just how my mind works as well as sometimes being more memoir than fiction being that i often use my writing to exorcise those pesky demons.
also! pictures!! i did an inking per story.

if you want an autographed copy, message me (…otherwise! pick a vendor 🙂


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