moses jones page thirty-eight

so i did this page of moses jones in the last semester of art school i was able to attend (fall ’15) before my relationship with dusty exploded & i left madison & the university there without getting my degree….

i did this on a large sheet of paper as my professor always wanted us all to “go bigger!”
so, again, crappy quality due to my inability to properly scan or photograph my art.

this is the last page of the second episode. then episode three began with a reuniting of moses & dusty as my real life relationship was on-again.
then, it crashed & burned & i tossed out the episode three story line & started all over.

stay tuned….

moses jones page thirty-seven

i really should have scanned all of these in better (i think the images are photographed from during the time i did not own a scanner & i did not bother to update them before posting them here….) thank you to all of you who endure my crappy presentation of moses jones.
hopefully one day i will have them all together in a book of decent quality so you won’t have to squint at my sub-standard presentation of them here!
fingers crossed!

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