donna fucking reed

i’m low on milk
so i drink
my whiskey
& prepare
green tea
rather than black
i’m low on milk
with plans to shop
in a couple days
it is earmarked
for two more
i’m low on milk
but my kids
are fed
cheese sauce
made with just a splash
roasted root veg
& sauteed
with noodles
i may not be
mother of the year
we are low
on milk
so i drink my whiskey

so my second reference to donna reed in one week. i wanted to call this “mary fucking poppins” but she was the nanny & i am technically the mom…even though i feel like the nanny & have been mistaken for one on playgrounds due to my very non-mom-like demeanor.

another strange journal entry. my random thoughts are becoming pages of their own.

update on “yoga with quixotic mama”…today while i was in tabletop position, poppy got underneath me on his back & began honking my boobs. i would like to report that i put a stop to it…usually i do–letting him know that those are mine & mine alone, but today i tried to keep my zen & just ignore him.
it’s pretty hard to ignore a five year old honking your boobs while you are doing cat & cow poses.

no one gave me an instruction manual.

ps. for anyone concerned, i am going grocery shopping tomorrow.

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