it seems to me
& world views
depend on what channel
you are
it’s time
to open eyes

another random thought while wandering the covid-paranoid streets of “liberal” madison, wisconsin. one sign even warned me to stay six feet away from so&so’s garden???
what the fuck?
don’t breathe my good oxygen…it’s mine, all mine….
so i thought this–tune in for your next opinion.
it’s all fucking he said/they said. i just want people to start thinking for themselves.
is that even possible?

(sorry if i’m not making sense–bit of a head cold…probably serves me right for refusing to stop living my life)

love for golems

i just finished reading the golem & the jinni by helene wecker. it was pretty good.
my brain isn’t working right now. covid politics got me spinning. so that’s about all i can muster right now….
but if you want to get your mind off crap…pick up the golem and the jinni.

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