under advisement

advice is not a one-size-fits-all
kind of thing
you are a unique creature
with problems all your own
they mean well
but do beware of those with blanket advice
for your special garden
of issues.

on the chinese new year i was digging through a drawer in my kitchen when i found a fortune cookie still in it’s wrapper. i took it as a sign & ate the cookie; read the fortune:
advice comes in all forms; some help and some hurt you.
at the time i read it, i didn’t get it…but knowing sometimes the universe speaks to me through cookies, i saved it.
and recently
i have received more than my share of unsolicited advice. at first it was pissing me off, but then i remembered my fortune cookie and was able to say, “okay…not for me.”
i am not conventional. so much advise just does not apply to me…or i won’t listen to even if it might.
so there.

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