learning to fly
i fall
& even if i have
to sit
& catch my breath
what’s important
(nevermind what i do
while i’m down)
what’s important
is that
i get back up

not to sound like a “hang in there kitty” poster….
and after i wrote this page i still suffered another day or two of the fall.
whiskey helped me make it through. i had not been able to get alcohol because i could not walk & neither of my fair weather friends were running out to the liquor store for me….
i was able to crutch into the local festival foods & get a bottle of maple knob creek bourbon…i feel much better now. trust me, i’m too frugal to become an alcoholic, but like brick in cat on a hot tin roof, sometimes i need to hear that “click.” get that edge softened.
maybe it’s the irish in me.

i’m back to believing in myself. so that’s nice.

regarding my search for friends…i started a profile on okcupid to find friends…but knowing most men never look past the picture…i am going to feature my book, the invisible exhibitionist, and just use my okcupid profile as a way to get attention for my book.
maybe i will make a friend or two along the way.
hey. it might work

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