creep show

i used a grey tone paper. i’m not sure if i’m working it. maybe a white ink stain on grey paper would work better? i will try that next. i think it is successful for what i was going for. in the end. i liked using the white ink even though i was kind of coating it on to try to get a porcelain effect. i thought about doing more white–but again–i think it might work better to just do a white ink stain on the grey paper.

also, i keep using sketch paper for these very inky very watery pictures. i’m not sure it is a good idea, but i kind of like abusing the paper. letting that influence the drawing.

i usually work with all of my favorite inkings hanging around my desk on a clothes line. however, i started to notice they were getting corrupted by dust & sunshine. so i took them down. i still have my kids’ art hanging around me, but i feel lonely without the little voices of my drawings to keep me company.

speaking of little voices. here is a fun fact about me. like a lot of rational grown ups, i have a healthy fear of dolls. when i was a kid, i didn’t like dolls. ¬†you know, in daylight they aren’t so bad. but night always comes. i got so many dolls & stuffed animals as a kid that i freaked out. i thought they would notice if i wasn’t giving them equal attention, and that they would rise up against me.

so i locked them all in the closet.


again, the blessing & the curse of an over-active imagination. without it i probably couldn’t do these inkings, but fuck it can be a nightmare.

so this is the 6th day of january, and i have done five ink drawings. not bad. especially since i have to do them while minions run crazy around me. bumping & jostling. getting mad at me for not paying enough attention to them because i am doing art (my fifth child)…turns out, i can’t just lock the minions in a closet. it’s frowned upon, evidently. so much for giving dolls to little girls to teach them to be good moms…ha!


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