rabid bunny

i am compassion
i am pissed off
i am tired
of putting
other people’s feelings
like a spark
to a cloud
of gas
my anger
& i go from
to gnashing teeth

i lost it on a librarian the other day. i sincerely believe (through common sense, instinct, & research) that wearing a mask is bad for my health…bad for my children’s health…bad for everyone who does not have a compromised immune system. the environment of microbes around us are meant to be breathed in & out–not our own carbon dioxide….
i could go on, but i won’t because if you don’t already agree with me, i’m probably not going to convince you.

i live in a small town in a rural area of wisconsin–but the town is teeming with the liberal attitude of mask up & don’t ask questions.
i ask questions.

& when a librarian, 20 feet away, in an empty room, tells me to mask up as i pop in to grab my library holds, i get pissy.
i’m tired of trying to make these people feel safe (because it is just an illusion–they aren’t any more safe for their covered faces–not really) while doing something to my own body that i know is not good for it. not being able to breathe is just not good for my body. not getting my dose of microbes is not good for me….

so why do they believe their health more important than mine?

ps…happy new year!! suck it, 2020!

questioning authority

am i opposed
to doing
what i am
to do….
i’m not willing
to compromise
my beliefs
i’m not willing
to ignore
what my body
my heart
my mind
are telling me are right
i’m not willing
to give up
& instinct
to embrace
the bliss of ignorance
i have questions
& even if
i never find the answers
i will not

i belong to a rebel alliance & this is the question that was asked at our last meeting. “why am i opposed to doing what i am told….”
i don’t know if this answers it…but this is what i thought on the topic.

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