a tornado of me

have you seen
the coin
in the gravity well?
spinning & spinning
big circles
getting smaller
watch it go
north east south west
until it all blends
into one
a zen moment
of being
of being
like how the parts of me
have been spinning
to the four directions
by the winds of chance
are coming together
pulled together
a tornado
of me
& a force
to be reckoned

i’ve been working on editing my collection of short stories. it is going smoothly, or, was. i decided to add my memoir about my obsession with my long ago ex.
so that is a bit challenging.
tack on that i have started obsessing about him again after a five month recess…thanks to the dreamscape attack by my subconscious….
also! i am shopping for a small press that will publish said collection.
feeling a bit fragile all in all.

but at least i still have a tornado inside of me.

mystery duckling

when i’m not writing through my layers of issues
creating art
or cooking & chasing my minions around
i am tromping around in work boots
or barefoot
on an unmowed lawn
in rural illinois
i grew up here
i used to look to the horizon as i dreamed of running away
and i did leave
i was gone for almost thirty years
but now i’m back
with the prairie wind & the perfect sky
and my wild lawn full of farm creatures

i found this duckling this morning. she was somewhere she shouldn’t have been…and i cannot figure out how she got there. she was barely alive. i did my morning chores with one hand so i could hold her & warm her up in the other.

then i took this picture to show someone my mystery duckling.

looking at the picture…i realized just how much of the story of my life i had captured in one photograph. i am terrible at photography. i was just trying to get the duckling’s good side. it’s funny. there are so many stories here.

this photograph made me happy.

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