watch out world

i recently put it out to the universe
that i am ready to get my car back
(it has been at the auto shop for almost 3 months waiting for parts)
and–voila! the parts appeared

i put it out to the universe
that i am ready to be successful
(so i can at least pay for my car repairs!)

watch out world

the snow fall has me in hibernation mode, but i am feeling very artsy
so i made some new pieces & continue to work on my business cards

above for sale:
“good morning, sunshine” 6X6 mixed media on watercolor paper…$35
“rise & shine” 9X12 mixed media on watercolor paper…$75

up top for sale:
“watch out world” 8X8 mixed media on watercolor paper…$55

ask not….

so i was doing my tarot cards on new year’s eve, wondering about success in the new year, & got a terrible awful no-good really bad reading.
& cried.
i am not one to do new year’s resolutions because i believe in changing every day–not just pledging to change once a year, but i have been doing “vision boards” the past several years, putting out to the universe what i would really like it to do for me, thank you very much….
this year
i am saying to myself, “ask not what the universe can do for me, but what i can do for the universe.”

that being said, i am trying to figure out how to set it up so that 10% of what i earn with my art & writings is donated to the organization 350.
i have to iron out the details. i am guessing that i will be donating what i earn vs. what the sale of my art & writings is? i wish i could afford to donate the gross, but i only earn so much of what my art & writings sell for (unless they sell directly through me), so i am thinking i will be donating 10% of my own earnings after all the costs to my publisher, market place, etc are taken out?


so buy my art or buy one of my books & help save the world!
happy 2023!

happy new year!

surviving 2022
a broken knee
a broken heart
and a pile of rejections
from potential employers, past lovers, & literary agents
the year finally ending
in a car crash on an icy road
so much of my year spent
trapped (literally & figuratively)
alone (mostly emotionally)
fuck me
i hope 2023
is kinder.

“two if by sea” mixed media on 9X12 watercolor paper…$75

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