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thank you to everyone who bought art from my sale! you all are wonderful.

i’m struggling right now with the fact that being able to put weight on my leg does not mean i am back to normal. i’m sure that is a sign of the way i approach life, just assuming i can do it without putting in the work? expecting to be a success from the word “go”?
ack…doing the hard work….
instead i laid on the floor today crying because i cannot do an extended child pose in yoga. not to mention most of the other poses i did effortlessly before this.
doesn’t that count for something? that i used to be able to do it…just 3 months ago??

so i guess i have to take the long way.


daily nightly…9X12…$45-$75 (sliding scale)

rich with nothing

i have nothing right now
i have everything
i am rich
in my bankruptcy
i am bathing
in all the things
i do not have
in all the things
i do
weeping with happiness
& laughing at my sorrow

26 days post op & 44 more to go before i can walk again.
below are some pages i have been messing from before & just after i broke my knee. i have more; i just haven’t scanned them in yet. i only recently found a way to hobble over to my scanner.
i spend a lot of time staring at the wall & not enough time doing art & writing.
also, i am reading about a novel a day….
and…i am writing letters to an old obsession…. but he never writes back. so! on lives that obsession….

i’ve fallen & i haven’t gotten up

two weeks ago i fell off of a step ladder & broke my knee
monday i fell
tuesday i got around to going to the er
wednesday i went to an orthopedic surgeon
thursday i had surgery
now 10 weeks of non-weight bearing activity
believe you me
i have written plenty of pages about it & all the resulting epiphanies
i do not have internet at my house & it is difficult
to get out of the house & to the internet
if anyone wants to donate money for internet
i got the paypal button on those pages for buying/donating….
good things come to those who wait….

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