confusion perfume page 22

page three of three…an in depth look at my dating guidelines…sigh.

confusion perfume page 20

i have been struck down with the plague.
this is one of the first times i have crept from my home to use the internet to make a post in over a week.

here’s some invaluable dating insight from my alter-ego, bernice beaumont. i think this one is more than one page? but who the fuck knows when i will be able to creep forth again to post.

confusion perfume page 18

funny story, when i was thinking of doing the zine that would hold this comic, i was planning to name the zine “twat” but with a cover picture of a trout…it made sense at the time.
again…the 90s….
so, 20 years later, here is what the cover of my zine might have looked like.

not always so graphic…

knowledge is power….

in my new embracing of my comic life…i am starting to take my odd or quirky thought & turn it into a comic. because, fuck it, i think i’m funny.

here is today’s….

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