quite contrary

my anti-social behavior
is now
normal even…
things are not right
in this world.
the politics
of covid
have turned this contrary
this well-coccooned worm
into a
social butterfly
if society tells me to keep away
you can bet your ass
i won’t.

my mom used to call me “mary mary quite contrary”…she might have been dead on about that one.

i have discussed my transformation with some people. it is funny to me–that i am finding myself reaching out more & more. my normal behavior became the norm…so now my behavior has become abnormal (for me)….
i’m abnormally social for me, which makes my behavior it’s normal level of non-conformity.

ouch…my head hurts.

friendship pains

can be an ugly bird
squatting on a carcass
& laughing
at the people
we love.

this one doesn’t really make a lot of sense. i was angry with a friend who i felt was treating me callously.
i am terribly terribly anti-social. being my friend is not easy. i blame it on my scorpio rising. i just have a nasty sting when provoked.
this journal page happened because i felt slighted.

don’t even get me started on my across the street neighbor….

in other news…inappropriate comics with pandas!

i’m not sure about this one…i was thinking of the sound of music for some reason & pandas & well, this just kinda got away from me. i apologize. i think it is the most recent stay-at-home order making me extra inappropriate.

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