my narrative

things are going alarmingly well with dusty & me. when describing our up & down…on-again/off-again to a friend, i said, i am looking at him with different eyes…almost like i had to see him differently in the past so that he could fit my narrative.
i have a different narrative now…so dusty has a different role to play.
just trying to flush that out via my art journal.

mothra’s day II

another peek inside the dark darkness that mother’s day provokes in me.
here’s hoping i have some reins on this come next year!

on a more positive note, i really like this illustration–especially my portrayal of depression.

surviving sylvia plath

i like to lightly compare myself to sylvia plath mostly in the sense that i have not yet put my head in the oven.
here is a post from the day before mother’s day when i felt the call of the oven….

mothra’s day

if you’ve been with me for a year or more, you might remember my feelings about mother’s day.
i thought i was ready this year…but not so much.
interestingly, most of my dark dark darkness happened on the day before mother’s day. then i declared that mother’s day was cancelled & it would be henceforth known as “mothra’s day.”
after that, i felt better.
here is one of three pages written during my mother’s day darkness.

clipped wings

so i was all like, maybe i have outgrown my escapism and am meant to stop with it already…but then, two mornings in a row, when i turned on my music, “born to run” was the first song i heard.
and, on top of that, the same two days in a row, styx’s song “come sail away” played on the radio.
i dunno…seems like the universe is okay with my wandering ways.

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