love for sale

books available by me…contact me ( for a signed copy, otherwise follow the links!

available through lulu

anthologies i have work in

as the world burns & creation and the cosmos & the poet’s symphony

framed ink on watercolor paper
suggested price of $125
plus $15 for shipping & handling
open to trade

ink on canvas

ink on watercolor paper
ink, pencil, oil pastel, acrylics (mixed media)
9X12 unless otherwise marked

suggested price of $60
(plus $5 for shipping & handling)

portfolio of my work:

i am always open to trade or barter, etc. additionally, if you want to commission a work or have me illustrate/collaborate with you, feel free to contact me:

check, cash, or

if you are in the driftless area of wisconsin, stop by the viroqua public market aka main street station where you can find many many inkings by me.

& if you want to see my stuff on a coffee mug…let me know…i have a redbubble account.

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