confusion perfume page 22

page three of three…an in depth look at my dating guidelines…sigh.

confusion perfume page 21

aha–i had to venture out as i am working on setting up a “free store” in my new community. fortunately, the housing for the free store has wifi. so, next page, y’all….

i went to the doctor yesterday (i hesitate to go to the doctor for a number of reasons one being my nurse mother never took us to the doctor unless we lost a limb, so i always think i’m not sick enough….)
i am now on antibiotics & hopefully on the mend; however, my right ear feels like it is full of water &, trust me, it is a miserable sensation.

confusion perfume page 20

i have been struck down with the plague.
this is one of the first times i have crept from my home to use the internet to make a post in over a week.

here’s some invaluable dating insight from my alter-ego, bernice beaumont. i think this one is more than one page? but who the fuck knows when i will be able to creep forth again to post.

confusion perfume page 18

funny story, when i was thinking of doing the zine that would hold this comic, i was planning to name the zine “twat” but with a cover picture of a trout…it made sense at the time.
again…the 90s….
so, 20 years later, here is what the cover of my zine might have looked like.

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