me (nutshelled)

i am a mess.

a hopeful, romantic, delusional mess.

and these are my art & comics which i do by using a pen, a brush, pencils, pastels, ink & sometimes acrylics. 
pretty much anything that gets my hands dirty.

my art is a mess.

just like me.


help me buy art supplies

22 thoughts on “me (nutshelled)

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      1. With so little sleep and so much reading, his brain got so dry that he lost his wits. (I’m paraphrasing, I can’t remember the quote exactlyJ

        Sufficed to say he’s one on my favorites. His stoic resolve to get back up again, despite being knocked down at every turn… his continuous search to be relevant… his insanity… it’s all so wonderful 😀

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  1. I found you through River Dixon, and instantly fell in love both in you and your blog. I never thought Baskerville could look this good, and so fitting to who you seem to be and how you write and paint!
    I somehow feel very inspired now! ❤

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      1. thanks for your motivation… i try but, in fact, i can never put into a draw what i want… anyway, as long as it is a pleasure i´ll do it… have a great week, PedroL

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  2. Hey there. I noticed you on Tara Caraboo. You just were lucky that I was in a Blog shop mood. You have lots to look at with many and somewhat diverse threads. I do collect Art pieces by Britto, Godard, and many more. I plan to look, browse a little later to look gain more insight. Really like what you have. John,

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