you didn’t have to be
i would have hung the world
on a kind word
from you
all you had to be
was honest
with me
did you just not have
the balls
to tell me
your truth?
even so
you didn’t have to be unkind.

so i had a dream the other night that the object of my affections told me i was a bad dancer. it broke my heart. i told him that he could have said i was a good dancer & i would have believed him.

i honestly don’t know what the dream was trying to tell me. i love dancing. it is a part of who i am. and–no–i am not a good dancer. but would i be if someone believed in me?

it made me wonder about kindness and being unkind. and honesty. i don’t think honesty is unkind, necessarily. i would love to know why he won’t answer my messages. even if it is unkind.
truth and kindness.
something to think about.


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