new moon haiku

the moon an eyelash
of light drifting through the night
with wishes of you

i am no longer assaulting the man with letters, but i can still journal about him & write love haikus that he may or may not ever see.
last night i sat and watched the moon as she sunk behind the hills of the valley. i found myself wondering why everyone doesn’t stop and just watch the moon set. it’s like a little bit of daily magic. waxing crescent is my favorite because i have a wonderful western view that allows me to see the moon sink gloriously. i can never find it when it is waning as it usually sets in daylight during that phase. but these nights where it is new & waxing…it is magic.
speaking of magic, my tarot cards keep telling me to expect my man to come back into my life. which is a really good sign because usually my tarot cards like to focus on what a fuck up i am. so it is encouraging that they are predicting not only a social life but also one with the man i am already devoted to.

in other news, i started working on my next novel today. this is one i started like 25 years ago and am not sure what it is about. i have almost 15,000 words to start with, so i’m going to write & hope i figure out the plot!

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