feeling alone
a self-destructive
makes me feel
more alone
than being
a single

so basically it’s a negative feedback loop? i think…it’s been awhile since college & learning about said loops. but it is a difficult roller coaster to get off of. that’s for sure.
my kids go crazy & become overwhelming…i deteriorate. i deteriorate & become self-destructive. this in turn causes my children to feel insecure & act out.
yup. negative feedback loop.

in my novel i comment on a dance: 2 steps forward, one step backwards & straight off a cliff….

i feel like that’s where i am.

in other news. i have to research how to write a query letter & a synopsis for my novel in order to catch an agent.
also! if there are any qualified editors out there who want to read through my novel & give feedback in exchange for art, please contact me!

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  1. It sure looks like a feedback loop, and they are indeed tough buggers.

    Not ever (yet) had anything worked over by an editor, I can’t definitely recommend any or whether they would do it on a novel in exchange for art, or what sort of rates any of the people I know* who do editing charge, but they might be able to advise and suggest someone.

    *The ones I know for sure are editors are; Candice Louisa Daquin, Christine E. Ray, and Tara Caribou.

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