soon at least my knee will be healed

i have no time
for anyone
who tells me
i am worthless
if i do not earn money.
an income
does not determine
my worth.

my ex called me “a privileged white woman” because my parents left me money when they died. i feel lucky to have gotten that money, but i do not feel privileged.
my mom scrimped & saved her entire life (and mine) because she was terrified of the poverty she grew up in.
my dad was privileged and never seemed grateful for what he had….
i don’t know.
all i know is i am tired of being told i don’t matter without an income.
am i privileged that i am skilled at going without? that i am skilled at living on next to nothing?
i will be back on my feet as of next week. i have finished a first draft of my novel & am shopping for an agent. i have five pages more to do of my children’s book.
meanwhile, here are some of my journal pages.

(up top: a commissioned artwork in trade for a couch)

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