of course i was spinning out on mother’s day

you have to dip your toe
back into that
pool of pain
you have to take a sip
of your sweet misery
you have to
dive in
drown yourself
baptize yourself
rise again
& face another day
but never 
who you were then
who you are now
so you never
have to do it

on this seventeenth mother’s day, i obsess about mother’s day number ten. on that day we returned home from a trip to manitowoc after visiting a friend, the dad hurried ahead of me to our apartment. i was unloading the car, herding our four minions, oblivious.
however, once in our apartment, i happened to look out the window to see the dad throwing something into the dumpster. this struck me as odd because the dad never took out the trash. 
so, being in the midst of a fucked up relationship where things were constantly being done behind my back, i went out & looked in the dumpster.
there i found a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a letter from the dad’s crazy stalker girlfriend. but instead of being addressed to him, they were addressed to me. 
would he have thrown them out if they were for him?
the dad had never gotten me flowers (or anything else) for mother’s day because “she’s not my mother.” i was actually touched that his crazy stalker girlfriend had gotten me flowers. beautiful flowers. despite the betrayal involved in her fucking the dad as we tried (again) to be a family.
he could have let me have the goddamned flowers. 
i would have liked any flowers on mother’s day.
but once again my mother’s day was in a dumpster….


7 thoughts on “of course i was spinning out on mother’s day

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  1. So, the GF sent you flowers, presumably, because she knew he wouldn’t, and maybe as a sort of amends, and he thew them away. I imagine panic, the existential dread that could arise in such a man’s mind at the thought of his fate if the two (or, two of?) women in his life teaming up against him, or even just making peace. Oh! The horror! when he saw those flowers.


    1. i think she was looking for a sister wife. he was telling her he was polyamorous…while he was telling me we were in a relationship (knowing i only wanted monogamy)

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      1. Which would put him squarely in the “Be careful what you ask for” category if you had been inclined to share. Like many men ( and some women) a popular fantasy is likely to be horrendously complicated in reality, but fools do rush in.


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