i feel like anger
has been woven into me
& now
i need to undo all these fibers
work backward
get the knot out
the fucked up stitch
& re-weave myself
into the person
i need to be
the person
i want to be
fuck me
it feels like so much work.

of course, if i don’t do the work, that will drive me crazy. looking at the mess of me will bug me until i finally do do the work.
and i will do it.
i will. just, right now, i could really use a nap.

8X10 ink on watercolor paper
$45 ish

5 thoughts on “deconstructing

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    1. yes! i learned in my creative writing courses that–as i always suspected–procrastination is a very important part of creation. i have always referred to it as percolating.


  1. Sometimes, we just feel, furious about something that surfaces up in our lives, but, we often, suppress this feeling, because we know, it wouldn’t be propper for us, to have an, ourtburst, and, if we get into that habit of suppresing these, negative feelings, than, we become, mentally, ill eventually, we need a productive outlet to vent, like through writing, so, we don’t carry too much, for way too long.

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