i emerge from my cocoon
but not
i crawl back inside
to try again
like a morning glory
opening again
trying to get it right
figuring out
that like the bumper sticker
it’s the journey
not the destination.

these are more thoughts while reading mark manson’s the subtle art of not giving a fuck.

if you read my birth chart, you will see that scorpio risings crave transformation. so maybe i have my astrological fortune to thank for the ease with which i ask myself “why”
& search for answers to the questions that apparently many people do not?
i can’t let a sleeping dog lie in my psyche. i have to poke it. i have to rummage through the grey stuff in my head until i understand why i am doing what i am doing.
& i like this about me.
it keeps things interesting.
my neverending story

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