my impossible escape

i made it my impossible dream
living with only it in mind
& when i found it
i embraced it. made it my everything
got completely
lost in it
with time however & happenstance
i began to wear it
as my own crown of thorns. my misery
my impossible escape
then i began to push it away
to deny it like peter at the gate
not me
not this
sleight of hand. look over there
nothing to see here…definitely not me
not like this….
but now i see
it is yet another balancing act
a recipe
i have to be
a little of this. a little of that.
& every bit of me.

this is based on an inking i did about motherhood a year ago.
i am happy to report that i am coping much better. on thursday, my minions came home after spending 10 days with dusty. the energy was crazy & knocked me on my ass (metaphorically.) however, i was able to get back on my feet and not lose my mind. not even at dusty who was really really trying to piss me off.

my crown of thorns; my impossible escape
9X12 inking on watercolor paper
$45 plus $5 shipping

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