pieces of me

you may not know this
but i put bits of me
in all the art i make
glimpses of my soul
beats of my heart
my own connection
to a greater purpose….
i put it all
into my art
but this does not
quite the contrary
i grow stronger
i find more sparkle
my vision sharpens
& my heart beats to a beat
more true
the more of me
i put in my art
the more complete
i become

the other day i got the most amazing text from someone who had commissioned a piece of art from me. her words to me made my heart sing.
as anxious as it makes me–the fear of letting someone down–i love making art for people. i love it when those people can see what i have put into it.
i try to let the universe move through me when i make art…& when i hear back that i have succeeded…that i have channelled what i feel into the art i have made…it’s just fucking amazing.

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