spilled ink

last year i thought it was a bad thing
to have a hair trigger
on the drawbridge
to my heart
this year i am looking at it differently
i am trusting myself
to know
& when not
to pull the lever that will send you

this inking was made last night in an effort to use spilled ink… i do like to try to keep my accidents happy.

up top: “drawbridge”
9X12 inking on watercolor paper
$45 plust $5 shipping


5 thoughts on “spilled ink

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  1. Ugh. That’s a huge turn-off… the desire to make money. It’s shallow and (in the long-run) meaningless. Like you said… better to be true to your SELF… not possessions. You and I both know we can be happy and secure while also being poor.

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    1. right? i used to wait tables & noticed that the more tips i made, the less i wanted to share with the cooks & bartenders…but the less money i made, the more i wanted to share. money corrupts & warps people. it seems to me the more someone has, the more afraid they are of losing it. as janis says, i got nothing left to lose–thus i am free 🙂

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