letting go

is it possible that the universe
knows better
than i do
that the universe has better
than i do
that the universe
what is best for me?
is it possible
that i am more likely
to sabotage myself
is it possible that patterns of abuse
are some pretty fucking difficult
to come free of?
…is it possible for me
to just let go
& trust?

to deal with being terrified of relationships while wanting to pursue relationships, i have been using some divination…tarot cards, tea leaf reading, bird watching, etc.
i have been using spell work to lighten the chain around my heart and to not have so much anxiety about letting others into my life–while also working to recognize who is good for me & who is not.
it really seems that i am ready to pursue a relationship…however, i am still terrified.
but, you know, with good reason….

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