safe & lonely

it’s like i just feel
in my house built of lonely
where a relationship
sounds like an amazing adventure
that i would
like to have…
it’s probably too cold out
& i don’t have a thing to wear
& i have misplaced the directions…
i should probably just stay
where i am safe
safe & lonely.

i have been thinking about relationships a lot…as usual…but lately it is like the universe is kinda giving me a little push out the door.
instead of bounding out that door with excitement…i am clinging to the doorframe with everything i got.
how does one pursue a relationship when one won’t even come out from under the covers?

2 thoughts on “safe & lonely

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  1. you are so honest…and your devotion to the raw truth is such a beautiful and unappreciated asset in our culture. Because I care about you, I really really hope someone comes along that understands how important it is to look at their/our own shit and be truthful about that. It is out only hope, really, both as individuals and as a culture/species. So much inherent pretension and mask wearing and pretending. It is truly sad. Hang onto your truth, friend. As humans, it is our most valuable asset, as sucking as it may be at times.

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