wild thing

as i spiral due to all the ways
my life is out of my control
i cannot help but notice
that yawning hole in my heart

my hair is out of control. i have no control over my aging. i have no control over the sparrows that insist on kicking all of the sunflower seeds out of my bird feeder. i have no control over the cats i live with who like to defile my work space & kitchen counters. i have little control over my feral children. i have no control over my ex-husband. i have little control over the people i hire to help me with my house. i have no control (it feels) over how my abusive childhood damaged me.
and i have no control over whether or not i will grow old(er) alone or with a soul mate.
thing is
do i need to let go? what exactly do i let go of? what do i try to rein in?
why was i never taught healthy ways to get my life moving forward?

“wild thing” ink on watercolor paper…9X12…$45


3 thoughts on “wild thing

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    1. yes. i just wish i could. some days go better than others, but the other day i ended up confiscating the bird feeder because the sparrows wouldn’t stop kicking the sunflower seeds out….
      something i really need to work on….

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      1. I used to feed the birds when I lived in the lower 48 and I remember the little ones kicking out the sunflowers LOL and the fat quail trying to sit on the little feeder LMAO and the squirrels picking up the scraps. The birds brought me great peace and joy. Let them be chubby, hungry little birds! They don’t know any other way to be.

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