not your problem

he is a problem
you cannot fix
a puzzle
you cannot solve
walk away, babe
walk away

so there is a serious decline in attention paid to me & my art & writings…which is kinda discouraging. hence my lack of color in this journal page.
luckily, my yogi tea keeps giving me support & love (i haven’t been drinking alcohol but have been drinking lots of tea–the yogi tea has little inspirational fortunes on every bag.)
i’m trying to stay motivated…but, then again, if no one is paying much attention to my obsessive journaling, maybe i need to start going in other directions. maybe i am stuck in a rut?
i am totally working on a novel. slowly.
& comics. slowly.
what else?
inkings with free verse (like my journal pages–but for sale!)

any suggestions? what do you all want to see from me?


3 thoughts on “not your problem

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  1. since you asked…..
    I think most people do not want “truth”…they want to FEEL GOOD…..they want something that will take them away from their bad feelings…let them escape for a bit….What does your blog primarily do? Your written blog focuses on the anxieties of your existence. I get that! I feel that you are working out your own journey in this blog. I really like your blog….a LOT…because of the fact that you tell it like it IS. I am not looking for anyone to make me feel good. I am looking for people who are honest about their experience and don’t deal in a bunch of fantastical BS. My guess is that you have impacted a lot of people and empowered them to be honest about their life experience. Your art work is phenomenal and beautiful and powerful. Your writing is authentic and reflects Truth. Most people want someone to tell them things that make them feel good. You do not do that. If you want a lot of followers, pander to people’s ego. Give them a fantasy story about how good and wonderful life is, and leave out the stinky parts…essentially, if I know you as I think I do, you will need to forget who you are and become a clown to make people smile and laugh. From what I know of you, that is not your way…not at all. I encourage you to keep your blog just like it is. The people that can appreciate you will find you. The people who do not want what you have to offer, let them go their way. Even if you are here all alone, remain true to your calling, friend. I kinda think that is really all we have. Be true to yourself. You may be stuck in a rut, but the rut is discovering the source of your awareness and creativity, and that is a good rut to be in. Life is short, and all too soon, you will be dead. While you are here, look for the Truth about wtf is going on, and who you are…just like you do in this blog and with your inkings. You are always welcome in my neighborhood. I have whiskey. You are a good person, Emje……better than you realize, I think. Better than good. You are a rare and exotic flower, perhaps wishing she were a dandelion….nope, that ain’t gonna work. Bloom, baby, Bloom. Be Emje. The world needs you.

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    1. thank you! xo
      compromising who i am is never an option for me 🙂
      just as i am not likely to try to win (or even enter) a popularity contest. i want to do what i do in bigger & better ways…whether it gets me followers or not.
      thank you! i will come looking for company & whiskey one day soon 😉

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