hold the crunchy granola

i’m not crunchy granola
i’m more like
bitter chocolate
with a gooey center
too angry
& opinionated
to spin with the hippies
i’m more likes
to stomp & swear
& cut off
all my hair
but don’t forget
my gooey center
there can be sweetness
in me
after all.

thoughts on why i no longer can find a home with people who i once thought i had something in common. although, admittedly, whenever someone called me a hippie, i corrected them by saying, “no, i’m an aging punk rocker…we just look a lot alike.”
i did have a friend, not too long ago, break up with me for being too angry.
but i fucking refuse to be passive. i spent way too many years doing that. letting the anger eat me from the inside while i tried to be a good girl.
nope, even it if means being unbelievably unpopular, i will not hide my anger anymore.


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