strange omens

strange omens
a quiet house
full of noises
a deer
smack dab in front of my car
shapeshifting time traveler
hooves scrambling
to make an impossible escape
turkey vultures
no longer circling
but grounded
the summer turning to autumn
as if turning a calendar page
holds that much weight
the world feels weird
right now
is happening
i just cannot tell
what it is
or how i should

that deer was a total time traveling shapeshifter. i was looking at a pretty house on a hill as i drove, then i looked forward to see a deer that i somehow did not hit despite it being directly in front of my moving car???
i need to focus…but how do i stop daydreaming? or how do i daydream more effectively & not while driving?

the days have been ominous–the incoming autumn has been ominous. but i cannot tell if i should be worried. what is a word for ominous that does not necessarily mean bad…maybe just strange?


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