i would rather be
than notable
an outlaw outcast
rather than a
celebrated saint
i would rather
run with the wolves
than be a
pampered pet
figuring out who i am
is as much about
figuring out
who i am not.

epiphanies while out in public…the other moms clustered together while i hold my own….
again, trying to shake that idea that i am wrong for not wanting to pack up with who society says i should be packing up with.
lady lone wolf….
i like realizing that i am okay with being the dark stranger…but i do need to be careful not to take it too far.
like everything else, i do need to maintain balance.


2 thoughts on “notorious

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  1. ohhhhh…I like this inking. Ravens are special. And this thing about you figuring out who you are….you are onto some fundamental truth of the Non-Duality world when you suggest that you will get further by figuring out who you are NOT….which “they” say is all we can ever know. We cannot know our own self in the same way that a knife cannot cut itself…..Thou Art That. Tat Twam Asi. Best to you.

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