how many times
will i be deeply
how many times
can i
be deeply wounded
before i
turn into a pile
of rubble
or maybe i will
that meme worthy vase
that grows stronger
with each break
& each

i do not have internet at my house & was unable to google what that vase is called.
now, upon googling it, i find it is actually a bowl & is called the art of precious scars: kintsugi
the art of precious scars
my scars are precious…to me…& apparently i like to show them off to you….

okay. so speaking of my precious scars scars & how i express my wounds through art & writing….
i need to figure out how to make money or how to attract patrons to my work aka promote myself (i’m sure i’m not the only one)
i am running out of savings. my house still needs a heating system. & i loathe the idea of just getting a “job.” i tend to wither away working in most environments (i am a fucking delicate flower, y’all)
i do not need luxuries–i do not own a tv. internet. smart phone. lawn mower. refrigerator. washer. dryer. or a number of other “luxuries.”
i am totally okay with not making a lot of money…but i do need some income. you know, for like heat & food?
so how do i make money without compromising myself…&/or how do i become more (shudder) marketable?

feel free to talk amongst yourselves….

(if you read yesterday’s post, i referenced my spilling of blue ink…this is the one i was working on while holding an open jar of blue ink…oops)

2 thoughts on “rubble

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  1. Raw and beautiful. As far as the money bit is concerned I often wonder how to make money out of writing too. You can monetise your blog but you need at least ten thousand followers to make something substantial. Or write a novel, query agents and get published. There’s no money in poetry and agents don’t pick poetry up. I often wonder about compromises and shudder myself, but the publishing world requires selling out a little. There are indie publishers in the US though, and you could sell prints. Your artwork is very good.

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    1. thank you! i am working on a novel. i am about halfway through. i also was going to publish a collection of my “the invisible exhibitionist” inkings & writings through tara caribou’s raw earth ink press as soon as she is ready for me 🙂 …i think i need to find a publicist to push the books & art i have already put out there…i am just not good at self-promotion.

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