dancing with myself

it’s just that i enjoy my own company
you see
it’s hard for me to imagine someone i’d like to dance with
other than me
i’ve been dancing with myself
for so long now
i’m not sure how to share the song.

i don’t know if i’ve learned to be okay with not being in a relationship. or if i’ve just given up. but i really have so much trouble imagining myself meeting anyone who i could have a good thing with…imagine dancing in my kitchen with…. he might be out there, but i am not able to imagine it at this time.


One thought on “dancing with myself

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  1. I think those things happen so accidentally.
    But sometimes ive wondered how it can be by chance of I never go anywhere. Ever. 😂 the life of an introvert.
    But hey, Id say if you are content then you have what you need currently.
    Nice to see you again 🙂

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