what i really really want

i know what i want
a man
whom i do not
have to take care of
a man
who is utterly
devoted to me
an equal
be that he is broken
or whole
fire or earth
he will not need to be
& he will think i am
the cat’s pajamas.

uugh. more thoughts on relationships. but! an important thought at least.
what i want from a relationship: a dude who does not need to be rescued!!!!!! i don’t care if he has issues–just as long as he does not make them my issues.
recently in an exchange with dusty, he said something about how he & i were both broken when we met–& expected the other one to fix us. i told him to speak for himself.
i have never ever ever expected anyone to fix me. i just want someone to accept me & celebrate me & let me deal with my own issues. & i will do the same for him.


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