i always imagine
as a gentle
& lovely
opening of sorts…
but what if
my transformation
is violent
& ugly
in its own beautiful way
a ripping away
of everything
that is wrong
that no longer works
a wildfire
in my soul
killing off
dead wood
& invasive growth
to make room
for foundation
to grow stronger
with new ideas
in green.

the more i think about this…the more i think my transformation is akin to a more violent event. birth can be such a thing. blood, urine, meconium, uterine fluid….a beautiful mess. a beautiful painful mess–emotionally & physically. or the way an island is born, with a volcano erupting & life slowly creeping in.
i might play around with this idea more.
right now i am so so tired…but my kids are due to go away to their dad’s for a week, so maybe i can sleep &/or erupt while they are gone.

11 thoughts on “wildfire

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  1. Beautiful!!!!!
    Yes- If there is going to be a meaningful transformation, it will be aggressive. It will hurt and burn, then fill you with strength that nullifies the pain. Childbirth is a wonderful example. Just remember it does not ever end, like birth; our children will need to be fed and taught and the pain will grow with the joy. We leave this earth in transition, just like the drama of entry.
    Be good.


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