these walls were made for breaking

i have had a block
against relationships
for as long
as i can
it never stopped me
from loving
or being
in a relationship
but did
help me to leave easily
to disconnect easily
when i found myself
now i am figuring out
how to save
maybe now
i can let go
of that part of me
& be stronger
for it?

my text of the written verse is altered to show some hesitation & less confidence about my moving forward with breaking these fucking walls down.
& the illustration shows some of the angst i have been feeling lately.
so much angst.
so much.

2 thoughts on “these walls were made for breaking

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  1. what you speak of sounds healthy and happy and whole. A lot of work to actually realize, but definitely practical, spiritually and psychologically sound, and quite possibly one of the greatest potential rewards. Unfortunately (in my opinion), it also runs counter to the grain of popular culture which makes it a more difficult challenge. As you have mentioned, the ego puts up walls for good purpose, but only the soul can take them down. As a guy named Nisargadatta once said, “The Mind creates the chasm that only the heart can cross”. Best to you.

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