cleaning tips

when i clean
a dirty room
i make
a terrible
in the doing…
it’s part
of the process
maybe healing is a lot
pile everything together
in the middle
of the
& then sit
picking through
to see what
is worth keeping
& what
just needs to

since finishing the ardhanarishvara piece my drawing has been a bit crap in my opinion….

i felt terribly inspired while i was working on this, but now i feel a bit depleted.
so we end up with the little mermaid.
upcoming journal page illustrations also feel lackluster to me.
but my writing still feels strong. my self-discovery still feels dead on…. just my inking feels a bit bleah.

so i’m working on my novel. which is fucking brilliant if you ask me.
& i’m gearing up to do a commission for some local anarchist/artist friends.

here i am.
drinking whiskey, feeding the birds, watching the snow, and rebooting.

it’s all good.


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